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Our Programs


Bowlers follow the rules set out by the Five Pin Bowling Association with the option of using a guide rail that enables the bowler to line-up with the alley. In addition, volunteer spotters may assist the bowler in identifying pins in play.


Curling is played with the same rules as regulation curling. A team is made up of three athletes who are blind or visually impaired and one sighted athlete. During competitions the sighted person plays the lead position. Curlers may use flashlights, monoculars, plus verbal directions from team-mates.


As its name suggests Goal Ball is a ball game; its also a team game. It has three characteristics, which distinguish it from all team ball games played by sighted people. Firstly it is played with a ball that has sounders, so that its position can be located when in motion. Secondly it splayed on a court with tactile markings. This enables a player to determine their position on court, by checking the markings with their feet or their hands. Thirdly all players wear eye shades to block out any residual sight so that all players are on an equal playing field.

Find out more on how Goal Ball is played by clicking here!


Golf is played with standard equipment and follows the rules of regulation golf. A guide assists the golfer with visual cues related to distance, lay of the green, course obstacles, and assists with lining up the shot.

Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating is a unique sport as it requires no specific adaptations for blind and visually impaired people to participate. Dragon Boating is performed in a 20 person boat, 10 people per side paddling while a steers person steers and a drummer keeps time and captains the boat. The dragon boaters compete in races that are timed during festivals held across Canada and the world throughout the summer.

Lawn Bowls

Utilizing regulation size greens, the lawn bowler may be assisted by verbal cues related to distance, status of the bowl, and lining up the shot. A tactile string may also be used for the same purpose.

About Us

The Saskatchewan Blind Sports Association is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization that facilitates provincial, national, and international sport opportunities for Saskatchewan residents who are blind or partially sighted. Saskatchewan Blind Sports Association was founded in 1978.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Saskatchewan Blind Sports Association is to promote and facilitate sport opportunities towards excellence for persons who are blind or partially sighted, by delivering sport programs, creating awareness, and advocating for sport inclusion.

Vision Statement

That all persons who are blind or partially sighted have equal access to programs, training, competition and that SBSA facilitated the awareness/resources and implementation stages to support that access.

Our Core Tenets

A short description of our values, who we serve, our core services, our purpose, and our vision for the future:


The values we hold ourselves by every day

  • Accpetance of individual choice
  • Fairness and justness
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Consistency
  • Equity
  • Responsibility
  • Alternative forms of communication

Who we serve

The people in our community we thrive to serve

  • Blind and partially sighted persons
  • Our members
  • Our community
  • PSGB's
  • The Government
  • Services and Organizations

Our core services

The very core of what we do

  • Provide information
  • Find funding
  • Provide community advocacy
  • Programming for everyone